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Best Dropshipping Products To Sell Today

The dropshipping business, unlike traditional businesses, does not require having products physically in stock. This eliminates the risk of ending up with products that don’t turn out as popular and guarantees that you never have to sell anything below cost price. A major challenge is finding the best dropshipping products to sell. What matters the most in making this decision are margins. Sourcing goods at a low price and selling them with a high-profit markup is the best combination. 

The selection of a relevant product or niche determines the success of your business. Whether you choose a low competition niche or trending products, there are some general types of best-selling products: Items like keychains, phone accessories and stuffed toys that sell under $10 and are perceived as cute or useful; products that are rare to find online and/or products that are useful, even if their price is a little high. Upon analyzing the trend charts of the above-mentioned general types, we have managed to make a list of the 15 best dropshipping products to sell in 2020.

luxury clothing brandsgateway dropshipping

Luxury Clothing

By dropshipping luxury clothing, you can earn some serious cash. Everyone loves wearing Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, and other clothing. So, why not capitalize on that? You can dropship any clothing or accessories you think is profitable and the best thing is that profit margins are among the biggest compared to any other category. You can sell a branded handbag for as little as $200, and still get it for much less, sometimes even below $100. More expensive products equal larger profits, so the opportunities are endless. However, you’ll need a suitable supplier for that. Check out our recommendation below.

Recommended supplier: BrandsGateway

dropship pocket language translators

Pocket Language Translator

This is a great product for those who have language barriers when traveling to foreign countries. Tourists, international students or businesses with international clients can choose between more than 30 different languages to translate into. The top 10 best devices of this kind sell for $60-$560; however, the price range for portable translators suitable for dropshipping is $40-$60 which can provide a fair amount of profit margin. The worldwide trend chart of this product shows recurring spikes in demand over the colder months; therefore, holiday seasons may be the best period for selling it. 

Recommended supplier: eFor China

dropshipping camera drones

Drone cameras

These devices are more than the plain playthings they used to be. They have a massive amount of uses in different industries and are tremendously popular among both amateur and professional photographers, hobbyists and enthusiasts. Camera drones provide breathtaking images from places that can’t be reached by traditional cameras. Surprisingly quick and agile, the best thing about quadcopters is that they can be sold at all times. Spikes in demand for this product occur during the holiday season because buyers know that they can get the best deals at that time. In 2020, drone cameras are among the top ten best dropshipping products to sell.

Suppliers: Hobby King

magnetic charging cable dropship

Magnetic Charging Cable

Described as every smartphone user’s must-have, this type of charging cables marks a steady and upward trend in 2019. Flexible and easy to use, this item is also universal because of its ability to charge different devices, whether iPhone, Android or USB-C. There are numerous suppliers for this product available so that prices may vary. However, the price range is usually between $2 and $15 and because of the high demand that is continuously increasing, you can sell it for a price of $8 to $15.

Recommended supplier: Sunsky

dropshipping pet toys accessories

Pet Grooming Glove

One of the top trending dropshipping products, the shedding and grooming glove is very popular among pet lovers. This product is not only easy and convenient for use but it also serves many purposes. Besides removing the excess hair, it stimulates the circulation in the system, gently massages the natural oils from the skin throughout the coat, removes mats and tangles of fur and can be used for bathing. Because there are so many different types of this product, you should choose one with features that appeal to the most pet owners. Select one that is durable, universal in size, with five-fingers design and one that works for different pets. 

Recommended supplier: ePet Discount

dropship face masks

Magnetic Face Mask

High in demand, this social media famous product became a sensation in no time. Addictive to watch as it is to use, this beauty trend is only increasing in popularity. What sets the magnetic face mask apart from the other types of masks is that it is conceivably pain-free. Women of all ages are devoted consumers of this product, as it is said to stimulate the production of collagen and the circulation of skin as well as combat wrinkles and skin damage. The price range of magnetic face masks is between $5 and $20 and considering it is one of the best trending products to sell this year, it can be easily sold for over $30, providing a healthy margin to your dropshipping business.

Recommended supplier: AliExpress

dropship thermometers

Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

Favored not only by doctors but also by people with kids and pets, the Infrared Thermometer will measure temperature from a safe distance, quickly and without any discomfort. Its screen displays accurate temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Easy and simple to use, this product has a wide range of applications. Due to its large measurement range -26 to 1112 ℉ (-32 ℃ to 600 ℃), it can be used for cooking, frozen food, household appliances, adapter, vehicle repairing and more. A great idea to start your very own dropshipping business.

Supplier: Chinavasion

dropship high ticket products

Air Pump Wedge

Made from highly long-lasting, strong material and with triple-sealed stitching, this virtually indestructible product is an indispensable tool in any household. With its very strong hoisting capabilities, this simple inflatable cushion pad makes installing, adjusting or leveling doors, cabinets or appliances much easier. Available in different shapes and sizes, the air pump wedge can withstand more than 220lbs (100kg) load and its volume is adjustable with a range of 0.08 inches- 2 inches (2 mm-50 mm). The price for this multi-tool is around $12 and its demand is high due to the purposes it serves.

Recommended supplier: eFor China

 dropship products 2020

Waterproof shoe covers

This is a great example of a product made for dropshipping. Always in demand, with a low price range that can provide high markups and universal appeal to everyone, this item has the potential for a good profit margin. Their popularity increases with the monsoon season, as people living in countries with tropical climate find them extremely useful, so you can specifically target those countries in that period. 

Recommended supplier: New Chic

dropshipping lamps

Moon Lamp

Social media’s favorite, this aesthetically pleasing soft light is not only a lamp but also a stunning display piece. It comes in different sizes with a built-in rechargeable battery and remote control. Printed layer by layer with an advanced 3D printing technology, it depicts the moon surface texture very realistically. Made from environmentally friendly and FDA approved PLA material, it makes a safe and creative gift for any age. It has different working modes and an adjustable brightness which is easily controlled by tapping or remotely. Available at low cost with free shipping, this high in demand product can be easily sold while keeping a healthy margin. 

Recommended supplier: Chinavasion

dropshipping phone lens

Phone Lenses

This is yet another great idea for a dropshipping business. As high-quality cameras are expensive and inconvenient to carry around, phone camera lenses have become the next best thing for photography lovers and social media users. Available in multiple settings, they can be a powerful upgrade to any phone camera. Some of these lenses work for a large variety of smartphones and tablets as they come with a detachable universal clip. If you choose to dropship this item it is best to go with a more affordable one that has better quality and bigger order volume. According to this product’s trend chart, its demand is expected to peak in the last trimester of 2019. As it may seem, this category is unimportant, however, phone lenses are currently some of the best dropshipping products to sell.

Recommended supplier: Fast Tech

dropshipping products 2020

Body Posture Corrector

Poor body posture is a genuine source of partially preventable physical stress and causes soreness and pain. Back pain can affect people of all ages, from adolescents to the elderly and it is a single leading cause of disability. Most cases are mechanical or non-organic, which is understandable considering the fact that most of the day people spend their time in a seated position or using technology. This is why the body posture correctors or preventable devices have boomed in the last few years and are still trending. Keeping the steady high demand at all times, this is a profitable product to sell in 2019. 

Recommended supplier: eFor China

dropshipping car holder

Car Phone Holder

Using phones while driving may put the driver’s and passenger’s safety at risk. While using GPS navigation or having calls while traveling is a convenience, one should put safety first. These car holders and mounts hold the phone in an ideal spot to safely view the screen while driving, enabling the user to navigate through GPS or contact numbers. These important car accessories come with different features and settings, however, almost all of them allow for changing the orientation of the phone, rotating 180 degrees depending on the preference. They can be placed on the AC vent or attached to the windshield with a rubber suction pad. Some are compatible with charging cables and some come with a wireless charging built-in. All in all, a great product for dropshipping as it is in high demand that keeps on growing exponentially. 

Recommended Supplier: TVC Mall

dropshipping fashion accessories

Eyeshadow Stamp

Known as the greatest makeup hack, this product went viral on all social media. Demand was so intense when it came out, it sold out almost immediately. Its design helps makeup lovers and amateur makeup artists to achieve the perfect “cut crease”, an eyeshadow technique that keeps on trending. Simple and easy to use, it does not only save time and hassle but it also works on all types of eye sizes. Suitable for dropshipping, this product can easily be sold for at least 50% markup as the prices for obtaining it are very low and the demand is always there; especially in the next period when a breakout is expected to happen. 

Recommended supplier: AliExpress

dropshipping products

Dash Camera

This is yet another good category of the best dropshipping products to sell. The demand for this camera noted a significant breakout in 2019. Recording a forward-facing view of the path ahead can save the video to an SD card which later can be viewed on other devices. These devices come in all shapes and sizes with different technology and features. More expensive ones can record in Ultra HD and/or offer driver-assistance technology whereas the simpler ones are most favored for being compact, cheap and easy to use. Prices for low-end can range between $12-$15, however, because of the sheer demand, the markup for this product can easily be over 50%.  

Recommended supplier: Global Sources

dropshipping products

Universal Waterproof Floating Case

A device protector that is hot sale in 2019. Available for $3 with the opportunity to easily sell it for more than $10, this is a perfect product for dropshippers. Its demand increases during the summer season considering all the outdoor activities this period of the year. The waterproof floating cases come in universal size so besides devices they can store other valuables in them. They could be submerged in water while maintaining full touchscreen functionality and allow the user to take photos and videos. Sleek and light, their floatable design prevents losing the devices underwater. 

Recommended supplier: eFor China

This concludes our article about the best dropshipping products to sell. Before you officially start your dropshipping business, if you’re looking for other useful articles, you might want to check out some of our other links below.

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