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Submitting A Dropshipping Guest Blog Post To DropshipVillage

DropshipVillage is quickly becoming the Internet’s largest free directory for dropshipping and wholesale suppliers, found all across the globe. We follow a simple rule – DropshipVillage is free to use by anyone. This applies to both suppliers and dropshippers. You can submit your dropshipping supplier company with DropshipVillage, completely free of charge. We believe in free access to information and sharing knowledge in the dropshipping industry. Thus, no matter if you’re a beginner or seasoned drop shipper or reseller, you’ll find tons of useful information on our site.

Want to contribute a dropshipping guest blog post to DropshipVillage?

DropshipVillage is now accepting guest blog posts. Why are we allowing this? In truth, we consider them an opportunity to help our visitors and readers find more about any supplier, company, and information regarding anything and everything going on in the industry. To find out more about what to write, feel free to check our dropshipping blog, available on-site.

We’ll be more than glad to share your knowledge in dropshipping, any tips and tricks you think would help others, via our guest blog posts. This, as long as you follow our guest blogging guidelines and promise to help fellow dropshippers in need. How will you achieve this? By reading your written thoughts, and if it’s something of great value, you’ll be taking their online stores to the next level unknowingly.

In other words, we truly believe that if you’re doing something good for the dropshipping community, one day it will all come back to you tenfold. Many dropshipping entrepreneurs have helped beginner resellers, one way or another, to achieve financial freedom and quit their 9-5 jobs. In return, they have gotten all the praise and positive reputation they can get, for helping out others in need.

So, are you willing to do the same and contribute to a guest blog post on DropshipVillage? Read more about our guidelines below.

Guidelines For Contributing A Dropshipping Guest Post

If you’re willing to write a dropshipping guest post and have it published on our website, please read our simple guidelines first.

Guidelines for dropshipping guest posts:

– We need well-written, organized blog posts related to the dropshipping industry. Anything you feel would be useful for everyone to know, you can use it as a basis for your article.

– All guest blog posts need to contain no less than 1500 words and no more than 3000 words. It’s recommended to include several subheadings, or key points, for easier organizing and creating articles.

– All numerical data (e-commerce statistics, etc.) needs to contain citations from reliable sources. Authors need to search for the latest updated information, i.e. from the year the data has been provided/published.

– We do accept guest posts that, in a way, promote a certain company. However, to promote it as a dropshipping supplier, you’ll need to name other competitors as well. You’ll also need to include all pros and cons of every company on the list.

– Authors are allowed to have their own ‘author bio’ and be mentioned in the article as a means of self-promotion. Your work, your credits. We do not take credits from other people’s work, as DropshipVillage fully supports content writers in getting extra exposure on the Internet. We know how hard it is to include quality articles to help showcase your résumé.

Backlinks and plagiarism

– Backlinks are allowed as long as they don’t link back to a writer’s personal blog. Company backlinks are allowed, although we will label them as ‘no-follow’. We accept ‘do-follow’ backlinks from companies, as long as we receive the same amount of backlinks back on the company’s website.

– It’s very important that the guest dropshipping post is informative, has at least some value to it, and is double-checked for any grammar or spelling mistakes. You will greatly help our editorial team by writing clear, concise sentences

– We are strongly against any kind of plagiarism. DropshipVillage is very strict against content which is at the same time present on any other Internet website, and will not tolerate such content. Our editors check all guest blog posts manually, and just to make sure, we use premium software for detecting plagiarism. If you don’t see your guest blog on our blog, you will receive a negative reply from us within 72 hours or 3 business days.

Notes from the editorial team at DropshipVillage

– Our editors reserve the right to change and edit your dropshipping guest posts as they see fit.

DropshipVIllage dropshipping guest blog post

Are you willing to write a guest blog post about dropshipping?

If you believe you can write great content for thousands of visitors to read and gain exposure at the same time, you can send us your blog post.

You can contact us at contact@dropshipvillage.com, and include a viewable link of the blog post, located in your Google Drive. We will check it out within 2 (two) business days, and reply as soon as we make our decision. Currently, we’re open to an unlimited number of guest blog posts about the dropshipping industry. All content writers are welcome. In case we haven’t replied to your email yet, it means we’re very busy upgrading our site on a daily basis. Still, we humbly ask for your patience and rest assured, you will hear from us as soon as possible.

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