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The Ultimate List Of 100 Wholesale Dropshipping Suppliers

Browse through our ultimate list of wholesale dropshipping suppliers, exclusively created by DropshipVillage, for all beginner and experienced drop shippers. Find suppliers of any category, from any country and continent, and contact them for more information.

Ultimate List Of 100 Wholesale Dropshipping Suppliers By DropshipVillage

1. BrandsGateway

If you are in search of a bespoke store that will satisfy your customer’s designer needs unquestionably then try Brands Gateway. This Swedish-based clothing wholesale dropshipping supplier will give you some of the most trending designer apparel that will catapult your store to great heights and keep you well-stocked throughout the year.
They deal with luxury brands that are well known in the fashion industry making them unique. You will not only marvel at the fantastic luxurious man designs but also outstanding customer care services. If you are looking for cheap men designer clothes wholesale, then Brands Gateway has you covered. You won’t regret working with them any single time.

2. Africa Imports

Africa Imports is one of Africa’s biggest wholesale dropshipping suppliers. They provide downloadable catalogs of the latest and trendy collections.

3. Zaasmart

They are one of the leading Indian clothing manufacturers and wholesale dropshipping suppliers, based in Surat city, the textile hub of India. This can be your go-to destination for ethnic or traditional Indian wear. They also offer men’s clothing options.

4. Influence Wholesale

When we mention leading fashion clothing manufacturers and wholesaler dropshipping suppliers, Influence Wholesale has been in business since the 1970s. They have startling new designs, well categorized on their website.

5. Catwalk Wholesale

This is an e-commerce portal based out of Oxford, UK. The perfect website to check out for their exhaustive collection of dresses, including day/evening/party wear, bodycon, wrap, midi, mini, skater, and other such high-end styles.

6. Wholesale Fashion Square

Wholesale Fashion Square is a store located in Los Angeles, California. They sell first-class fashion products at the best prices. They have an exotic collection for plus sizes and resort wear, which many wholesale dropshipping suppliers don’t offer! Their accessories collection is something one surely should not miss.

7. Magnolia Fashion Wholesale

MFW is one the fastest-rising e-commerce fashion wholesale dropshipping suppliers, based in Miami, Florida. It is primarily a business-to-business portal, displaying some of the most fashionable collections in women’s clothing. This website is primarily a business-to-business portal.

8. Kiddies World

Kiddies World is a UK based clothing company specializing in wholesale baby and children clothing. It was established in 1992 to offer high-quality clothing at competitive prices. If you are an enthusiast of kids’ biggest clothing brands like Minoti and Babaluno, Soft Touch, and Nursery times, this is the best company for you. Children’s clothing available for distribution includes all ranges from newborn to 24 months and children’s clothing for ages 1 year to 13 years. The clothing accessories for sale are baby wraps, shawls, bedding, and blankets.

9. Royal Apparel

For over 29 years, Royal Apparel is an American wholesale baby clothing supplier. They are among the few known wholesale dropshipping suppliers of organic infant clothing within the USA and other countries around the world. Royal Apparel accepts many payment methods which are Wire transfers, credit cards, checks, and money orders.

10. Bambini Layette

This is a family-owned business that has been manufacturing and wholesaling children’s clothing for the past 27 years. They are located in California, USA. Bambini Layette is an infant wholesale clothing supplier whose baby clothes are completely 100% pure cotton. All the clothes manufactured with the highest quality materials (Layette cotton) and the latest textile technology. Among the children’s clothing manufactured and distributed include sleeveless, play baby grow creepers, thermal and fleece blanket, interlock union suits, and long sleeve with caps.

11. Little Me

Little Me is the world’s most popular wholesale infant clothing supplier. All clothing is manufactured using soft velour, cotton, and terrycloth. Orders above $60 have free (basic) shipping within the US. All orders are processed and shipped in 1-3 business days.

12. Lingerose

Lingrose.com is one of the best online lingerie wholesale dropshipping suppliers, that works as a platform. It also has several online retail stores that sell the same. Their partnerships with many apparel manufacturers globally make it possible for them to have low priced items. However, to view the prices of different products, one must log in to their website. Worth noting is the fact that most of their products are shipped using FedEx and Post within a short time frame which does not exceed 10 working days.

13. Jerrisfashion

It is an online sexy fashion clothing wholesaler in the United States. Most of its supplies come from premium manufacturers located in China, and on an average year, they usually have a huge turnover, which easily surpasses 1.5 million pieces. An advantage of an online store is that there is no minimum MOQ and that deliveries can be done within a short timeframe, which does not exceed 48 hours. Worth noting is the fact that there are member discounts that are awarded for returning customers on an annual basis, based on volumes of orders. That is a major advantage to the lingerie manufacturers since it encourages return customers.

14. Lingerie-Supplies

Lingerie supplies is a top lingerie wholesaler in the U.S. with their factory located in China. The wholesaler ships its products to all countries globally. The minimum order quantity for this wholesaler is $100. The main selling point is that they have a factory based supplier, which means that they can produce and distribute the lingerie in bulk. Additionally, they accept private labeling on request.

15. Lingerie Mart

Since its launch in 1997, Lingerie Mart has sold millions of different first quality lingerie. It is one of the biggest global distributors of lingerie, thongs, panties, intimate apparel, sleepwear, costumes that come in all sizes. They offer a wide selection of sexy wear at greatly discounted prices. Apart from that, they do not have a minimum order quantity, and stock to all types of business venues, be it boutiques, lingerie stores, discount, and even flea market stalls.

16. Sweet Illusion Inc.

Sweet Illusion Inc is an official online store in the United States that sells women’s clothing and accessories which includes traditional and contemporary European designs. They have specialized in lingerie, which is considered their product of choice. They have a huge variety of sexy wear at amazing wholesale prices. One advantage of purchasing from the lingerie wholesaler is that they have a flexible return policy, which is rare to find in online apparel stores.

17. A & K Hosiery

A & K is one of the most world-renowned wholesale lingerie clothing and sexy wear distributors in the U.K. It offers a wide variety of products which are updated regularly with changes in market trends. That means that they usually have a niche of customers, who are always interested in purchasing the newest fashion in the country. Additionally, their branded lingerie is reasonably priced, and the availability of bulk orders makes the shoppers have an amazing shopping experience.

18. Alterego Lingerie

Alterego is an established apparel wholesaler in the U.K. and has been in operation for over a decade now. They have a large inventory consisting of a huge stock, which is presently estimated at 40,000 units. Despite the fact that they sell orders in bulk, they do not have a minimum MOQ, which is favorable for those who are just starting and do not have sufficient funds for a start.

19. Blue Moon Lingerie

Blue Moon is another top contender in wholesale lingerie in the U.K. It was established in 2003, and the sixteen years in operation has seen it have tremendous growth both in terms of stock and product quality. The wholesalers have specialized in the distribution of lingerie from designer brands such as Coquette, G World, Anais, Fantasy, etc.

20. Cintamani Lingerie U.K.

Cintamaini Lingerie has been in operation for over 30 years. Their website is very pleasant to use, which makes navigation an easy feat even for first-time users. Additionally, their 20000 square feet of storage houses and warehouses means that the wholesaler can easily handle bulk orders without strain.

21. Emma Cloth

Emma Cloth has been in business since 2008 and provides unique dress designs that are made using high-quality fabrics. They have always strived to be excitingly innovative and aim to offer their clientele fashion-forward pieces. In addition to dresses, they also sell shoes and jewelry for fashion-conscious women and girls. Here you will find competitive prices with large discounts as well as fast delivery thanks to their global warehouses and reliable logistic companies that guarantee the safety of your delivery.

22. Tasha Apparel

As a wholesale girls’ clothing supplier, Tasha Apparel understands the importance of finding trendy clothing styles that provide their customers with the cutest ensembles that are great for both everyday wear as well as special occasions. Tasha Apparel stocks the trendiest items on the market at a fraction of the prices that you find elsewhere.

23. Shop4Shops

Shop4shop was born in an effort to make garments at prices less than the manufacturing cost. This website makes it possible for you to buy stock for your shop from the comfort of your home and have them shipped to your door without too much fuss. Everything from payment, packaging, quality, and logistics are taken care of to make you happy.

24. Honey Dew

Honey Dew is a US-based cheap wholesale kid’s boutique clothing distributor that carries a contemporary baby girls’ wholesale boutique. Their selection has the latest trend for children that is quite sophisticated yet affordable. Orders are processed and shipped out on the same day if they’re placed before 12 noon PST.

25. Aurora Royal

Aurora is a children’s clothing supplier based in the UK that supplies classic clothes. The company is dedicated to providing the best quality, service, and value to the market. Aurora has different kids dresses in stock and they’re constantly updating new styles into the catalog. Their products are made using quality fabrics like cotton for the children’s comfort.

26. DH Gate

Dhgate.com is a China-based online business-to-business platform. It organizes global trade shows during the year where many wholesale dropshipping suppliers and manufacturers participate.

27. Frerez

These are some of the best wholesale dealers of men’s designer wear. They partner with some of the most incredible designer clothes manufacturers like UnderArmour, Gym King, Champion and Lacoste to give their retailers numerous options. They are known as one of the cheapest wholesalers. They also offer numerous discounts on goods, all you have to do is keep shopping, and you will one day be surprised by the discount you will be offered. Frerez is a haven of big designer names with stylish wears that will see your retail store become highly rated by your customers. In Frerez you will get incredible suits that are made to fit. Your customers will be pleased with your options.

28. Get the Label

Just like the name suggests, all you need to do is get the label for your customers. They have an incredible variety of men’s wear including shorts, tops, jumpers, jeans, and many more. They have more than 4000 product lines and have delivered an uncountable number of parcels throughout the world. Their delivery time is impressive; you won’t have to keep on inquiring about your product. With just a click you can purchase your whole stock without any problems. The customer service team is very responsive. Since 2009, Get the Label has been working around the clock to improve their services and widen their market. It is a single place where you will find all your required services without straining at all.

29. Q clothing

Q clothing offers high-quality fast fashion that will suit all your customer needs. They also stock products that come in handy in different seasons. This means that your customers will always get something to wear to be it during winter or summer. They only partner with known manufacturers to make sure that you are only supplied with quality products that their customers won’t complain about. Their delivery services are very efficient thanks to their dedication.
They stock every designer’s clothes that are trending, and they replenish their stocks to make sure that you always have a new product to surprise your customers. Q clothing is just the best wholesaler to have. With them, you will always be on your toes when it comes to introducing new trends.

30. Missi Clothing

Missi Clothing is a British online wholesale supplier of apparel fashionable and trending clothing. They offer very cheap prices for high end branded clothing and what’s more intriguing is that they have a variety of styles to choose from. Buy from them and your clothes will make you a huge profit thanks to their high quality and world-renowned garments.

31. Italian Moda

The largest Italian B2B online marketplace which deals in 100% Italian branded goods especially branded clothing. Italian Moda has a variety of brands available for you to choose from. Italian brands are famous worldwide for their quality and style which means you will have an easy time making a great sale in your boutique.

32. Lunss

Lunss is a high-class company that deals in custom-made dresses for weddings and other formal occasions. They have been in operation for more than 9 years and over the years, they have grown into a one-stop service product line that does the design, OEM, and delivery. In short, Lunss is not only an online retailer but also a manufacturer. Here you will find great wholesale prices to ensure that you make a profit when you resell.

33. Fenndress

Fenndress is a professional manufacturer that has been in the dressmaking industry since 2008. Today, they have their own
production site and full-time designers who are very creative. These designers have great expertise so they can brilliantly mix and match different fabrics and colors to create amazing bridesmaid dresses. The core value of Fenn is the typical Chao stitching technique which helps the designers to combine the traditional techniques and modern ideas in today’s formal dressmaking techniques.

34. June Bridals

June Bridals is a leading Chinese wholesaler of high-quality wholesale bridesmaid dresses with wholesale prices that anyone can afford. They will have your bridal team looking outstanding and elegant on your big day. Their huge collection is comprised of old fashioned long, billowing dresses as well as chic, and short dresses that are all the rage in weddings these days. You get to choose how you want different features of the dress to look like e.g. the neckline, waistline, sleeve length, and embellishments.

35. Allure Bridals

Allure Bridals is a site that sells beautifully tailored dresses for special occasions and caters to different retailers across the world. You can either buy single items directly from their website or buy in wholesale. The company also has an app that you can download and use it to easily browse through their collection. The app helps users to pinpoint retail stores near them and know of any local events.

36. LightInTheBox

Lightinthebox has been in operation since 2008. This platform offers competitive prices with ridiculous discounts. They have
thousands of styles in stock and are constantly updating new designs every now and then. Browse through the large collection of traditional, classic, bold, dramatic bridesmaid dresses as well as accessories, shoes, and jewelry. Lightinthebox gives its customers great customer service and also offers fast delivery after orders have been placed.

37. City Goddess

City Goddess has a variety of wholesale bridesmaid dresses that are available in different styles and colors. They range from elegant sequin maxi dresses to stunning midi dresses. You absolutely cannot miss a design that you love to make your bridesmaids stand out. Their website is designed to be totally transparent and it’s so easy to make purchases.

38. Huntwears

Huntwears is a company located in China. They have been in business for more than 10 years. They are a leading brand cloth developer, suppliers, and wholesaler that has more than 300 employees. All its workers and employees are ready to provide its customers with something new and unique. They assure the provision of high quality, innovative outfits including, hunting pants, hunting jackets, hunting t-shirt wholesale, hunting gloves, hunting headwear, vests jackets, and much more.

39. Maurice

Maurice is the USA based B2B wholesale supplier and distributor of products. It was founded in 1999 and is among the top sportswear and goods suppliers including hunting and fishing products.
Maurice has 6 global warehouses. They wholesale all types, styles, and kinds of hunting accessories and clothes. You can also wholesale original and certified hunting equipment from here.

40. Mitchells Wholesale Supplies

Mitchellswholesale as the name shows is only a wholesale website that offers unique and very attractive wholesale hunting clothing all across the world. They offer free shipping in the whole of Australia. If you place an online order above $500+ GST, they provide 10% over your entire purchased items. With a century-old experience, they are probably the oldest ones in this hunting business. Right now they have 3500 plus hunting clothes and accessories in stock.

41. Ek wholesale

Ek wholesale has been doing business since 1990. They are dedicated to providing their customers with innovative and good quality products. At present, under their hunting section, you will find an extensive range of wholesale hunting clothes, wholesale t-shirt hunting, backpacks, accessories, shoes, caps, and much more.

42. Fishing and Hunting Heaven

Fishing and Hunting heaven is located in Canada. This website has been in business since 1954 and is well known among all the professional hunters, tourists, and researchers owing to their dedication and provision of products beyond expectations. They offer brand items like Streamside, Backwoods, Emery, and Compac. They also provide a directory of dealers near your location and warranties of their products.

43. Wing Supply

Wing Supply is an authentic website that offers Baselayers, men, women, and kids hunting clothes, hunting accessories, and shoes. They offer a wide range of good quality and high prices. After signing up their newsletter, you will get their weekly and monthly updates regarding their stocks refill and new additions.

44. Parisian Wholesale

Parisian Wholesale is one of the UK’s leading wholesale online stores of women’s fashion. They specialize in wholesale skirts,
playsuits, tops, dresses, co-ordinate sets, blazers, trousers, knitwear, coats, and jackets. Their designs and styles are not duplicates of any other brands or companies. Parisian offers free next day shipping around the UK on orders above £400 and free shipping around the whole of Europe on orders above €500.

45. Bloom Wholesale

Bloom Wholesale is a USA based wholesale distributor. The unique part about them is that they wholesale women’s fashion clothes and plus sizes at quite impressively low prices. They are located in the heart of LA and because of this, they have access to all the latest fashion trends. The items available on this site are directly supplied by designers and manufacturers, thus the quality is highly maintained. They have no minimum order requirements and provide free shipping over $400 orders. They also provide return and damage refunding policies.

46. Esources

Esources is one of the world’s top-rated and best online websites of wholesale dropshipping suppliers from all around the globe. Esources has the best inventory of products and a huge list of suppliers. You can wholesale skirts and dresses and many other exclusive products of your choice. When it comes to wholesale dropshipping suppliers of skirts, Esources have 829 international suppliers and 5260 products in the catalog under the skirt’s section at present. At this site, you will get 100% verification over each and every product you will choose.

47. Fibre2Fashion

Fibre2Fashion is a company that was built with the aim to bolster the fashion and textile industry. It is a B2b website that has been working since 2000. They have 1800+ products and 13 different categories that serve all segments of the textile, apparel, and fashion industry. You can choose supplier, design, fabric, style, and area all according to your choice and demand and they will supply you the finished products.

48. Continental Fashion

It’s referred to as Europe’s choice for high quality and high fashion clothing. In 1953, Continental Fashion Wholesale, a family textile company was born. After many years of consistent growth, this is now the leading distributor of a wide range of wholesale beachwear, loungewear, clothing accessories, and children’s wear. Continental Fashion clothing line is comprised of wholesale summer clothes, classic maxi dresses, multi-way dresses, and skirts.

49. DressHead.com

DressHead.com is an online retail company that distributes all categories of clothing, apparel, shoes, and handbags. They also offer customized orders for dresses like a maxi dress and line dresses. There are various shipping methods offered by DressHead.com of which all the rates have different costs and different delivery periods. Their product return policy is 30 days from the day of receiving the order and the minimum order quantity is zero.

50. Rosewholesale.com

Rosewholesale.com is a great wholesale summer clothes supplier. It also has all kinds of elegant women dresses, bags shoes, handbags, fashion clothes, and beauty products. This is one of the largest online cheap clothes wholesale dropshipping suppliers. Most of the products supplied are directly sourced from manufacturers thereby making them low priced.

51. Wholesale Box

Wholesale Box is an online platform where retailers and other traders source their products from. It is also a manufacturer and distributor which helps buyers get their wholesale clothes at a much lower price compared to other Indian distributors. There are at least 240k items listed on its website which include wholesale women’s clothing designs, wholesale women’s boutique clothing, wholesale plus size clothing, children’s boutique clothing, and home furnishings.

52. Shops4Shops

Shops4Shops was started 20 years as a subsidiary to Rajkondal Exports to help in the distribution of its a+ grade quality textile products. They specialize in all categories of clothing only. The normal delivery of all orders within India is 3-7 business days. The product return policy is a maximum of 30 days and no minimum order quantity is required.

53. Indiamart

Indiamart is an online directory connecting wholesalers and retailers in India. With millions of products from different wholesale dropshipping suppliers listed on its website, you can never miss cheap summer clothes for reselling. Indiamart was started in 1999 to “make doing business easy”. You will get every category of products in this company.

54. Diane Kocevar

Diane Kocevar is an independent wholesale company that represents a high quality, certified, verified, and comfortable wholesale maternity wear. Products are only manufactured in America. The products from manufacturers like Belly Bandit and Bebe au lait are recommended by doctors, midwives, nurses, and physicians. So, Diane Kocevar is among the verified wholesale companies you must visit.

55. Belly Moms Maternity

Belly Moms Maternity is run by a female owner and this company is purely for maternity and nursing outfits. To provide wholesale maternity clothes for all events, all pregnancy months, and for a post-pregnancy period, is their aim. The wholesale registration process on this website is quite critical and you have to pay $300 for registration. Once you become their wholesale member, you will start receiving emails of their daily updates, catalog changes, and wholesale prices.

56. Tatiana’s Maternity

Tatiana’s Maternity is a company located in CA. They specialize in maternity clothes only and you can easily wholesale plus size maternity clothes from this website. The items you can find here fall under the following categories: Maternity tops, Maternity bottoms, Maternity dresses, Nursing shirts, Nursing pajamas. Owing to the wholesale aspect, Tatiana’s Maternity does not accept any return items.

57. FC Wholesale

FC Wholesale is also a UK based website from where you can wholesale pregnancy clothes. Moreover, you can also purchase nursing bras, pregnancy bras, t-shirts, trousers, nightwears, dresses, and shorts. FC Wholesale has not a very big catalog for maternity clothes but one thing is for sure. That their each and every product is 100% comfortable for pregnant ladies and their prices are not very high. There is no minimum order requirement on the website. FC Wholesale ship worldwide and shipping is free for the orders above £200.

58. Seraphine

With 14 years of experience, Seraphine has owned an international label for pregnancy fashion. Seraphine is a spearhead in the UK in the category of maternity brands. Seraphine launches its collection twice in a year, thus helping its buyers like you to make their business very attractive and successful with huge customer traffic. Seraphine has wholesale partners in more than 35 countries and their membership process is easy. Check on the site for further details.

59. Purpless Maternity

Purpless Maternity is another famous name in the UK among pregnant ladies. Their catalog has dresses, tops, t-shirts, tunics, trousers, leggings, cardigans, skirts, and nursing tops all for pregnant ladies. Purpless Maternity has an edge in the market due to the provision of trendy, stylish, and comfortable clothes. Moreover, their website does not only provide clothes but also size charts, guidelines, and interesting blogs. These blogs and guidelines can help you to guide your end customers regarding their maternity shopping. At your first order, you will get 5% off on the entire stock. There is free U.K. and U.S. shipping provided for orders above £100.

60. Morph Maternity

One of the most critical things for pregnant ladies and new moms is the changing body shape, condition, and reposeful loss. Morph Maternity based in India, came up with exclusive designs, products, and items to help moms during their toughest periods. Morph Maternity provides breast pads, nursing pads, pants, tops, dresses, shirts, bras, and hospital bags for moms. Exclusive discount deals are available at all the time and order shipment is free above Rs.1500 purchase.

61. Boohoo.com

By February 2019, Boohoo saw its revenues up by 75% to £31.4 million. They also operate 24/7 making them an ideal company to wholesale clothing in the USA. Boohoo was established in 2006 and it adds 100+ new products on a daily basis giving you the chance to be part of their wholesale dropshipping suppliers. They specialize in all clothing styles and accessories like handbags, jewelry, sunglasses, scarves, gloves, and hats. Their boutique section allows any supplier to sell its unique boutique clothing wholesale.

62. ClothingUnder10.com

This company should be on the top of your list. This is one of the websites that will leave your wallet still full as most of the Clothing is below $10. They are located in Miami and are mostly interested in outsourcing from cheap wholesale dropshipping suppliers of clothes from the USA. The clothing industry is really broad but ClothingUnder10 has large quantities of almost every category. This is a good market for you are not limited to a particular fashion or brand. What you only need is the assurance that your company can constantly supply when required.

63. Sammydress

This is a wholesale supply company as a retailer and it specializes in clothing only. Both small and large scale wholesale dropshipping suppliers can sell their clothes to Sammydress. One of the greatest benefits of dealing with Sammydress is that it among the few companies that wholesale clothing in the USA with no minimum order one is required to supply. Sammydress has more than 200,000 product lines almost all supplied at a factory price. There are several ways one can wholesale clothing in the USA online via this company. You can join their drop ship program, sign up for their free affiliate program, or register to supply directly to their stores.

64. Tobi

Even though Tobi.com designs some of its clothes, they also give chances to clothing wholesale dropshipping suppliers to supply clothes at a low price. To get a reasonable supply share at Tobi, you need to be renown for plus size wholesale clothing in the USA and have the capacity to deliver when needed. They specialize in all kinds of clothing and they can also customize your orders. Most of their customers’ orders are delivered within 3-5 days but you can also expedite shipping to 2 days.

65. ASOS

ASOS has 165 dropshipping wholesale suppliers located in 28 different countries across the world. They are constantly engaging in wholesale clothing in the USA online to find the best suppliers who can meet their set standards. This is an online wholesale store with some of the cheapest but high-quality clothing not found in other wholesale clothing in the USA online stores. It’s easy to join ASOS as a wholesale supplier. Read their sourcing program before partnering with them.

66. Costco

Costco opened its first doors in 1976 in Seattle and has been severally mentioned as among the wholesale companies to work. It deals with all categories of products. Their set minimum order requirement is $35 and orders can be delivered in 1-5 days. Being in the list of top companies in the State of Washington, it might be your biggest opportunity to wholesale high-quality clothing to them. Costco suppliers or vendors are selected from across the world and their products tested to ascertain what will sell well.

67. Wayfair

Wayfair is a large online retailer with more than 14 million items listed on its website. They have the largest customer base of over 50 million active users. If you are looking for cheap clothes website to sell your wholesale clothing in the USA online, Wayfair will offer a huge market to your business. This company relies on multiple wholesale dropshipping suppliers for their business. You have to register with them as a drop shipper to be allowed to supply your quality clothes.

68. Kohls

You can find wholesale clothes for as low as $0.2 for Kohls.com is popularly known as a cheap clothing website. This company sells all kinds of products that are sourced from diverse and sustainable wholesale dropshipping suppliers from all the continents. Their recruiting process isn’t that vigorous compared to other online companies. One of the main qualification requirements is that you must have the ability to deliver high quality and cost-competitive clothing which is a plus to you. Customers’ orders are delivered within 3-6 days.

69. Organic Apparel USA

Just like the name of the manufacturer suggests, Organic Apparel USA manufactures organic clothing. The company has been operating for more than 15 years now. This indicates that the chances of getting high-quality products from the company are high. Buyers are given the chance to customize their products when ordering from Organic Apparel USA. Customers can provide their own design, logo, picture, sketch, etc. to be applied. Buyers can expect affordable products.

70. Good Clothing Company

This is one of the few clothing manufacturers in the USA that works with all entrepreneurs. The company works with emerging designers, eco-fashion pioneers, and even growing businesses. Good Clothing Company offers both large scale and small-batch manufacturing services. This company has a very low minimum order quantity. They only require customers to place a minimum order of 10 pieces per size, style, and color. The company is willing to work with customers to develop the designs they prefer.

71. Euphoric Colors

This clothing manufacturer in the USA assures its customers that all the clothing they produce has the best quality. The Los
Angeles-based company does work with design teams to develop custom clothing that is tailored to their customer’s needs. Euphoric Colors does produce a wide range of products. Some of the products include lingerie, uniforms, swimwear, dresses, button-downs, etc. This means that getting what you need will be easy.

72. Sans USA

Sans USA is one of the few clothing manufacturers in the USA offering to help their clients bring almost every design they have in mind to life. The company indicates that the approximate production and delivery time ranges between 16 and 18 weeks. When an entrepreneur decides to work with Sans USA, the company requires him/her to make a 50% deposit.

73. Suuchi

This company is not selective about who it works with. The company works with enterprise brands, established brands, and even startup brands. The manufacturer does have a low MOQ. Buyers need to order a minimum of 50 units. Suuchi indicates that their manufacturing is powered by a software platform that improves both cost-effectiveness and transparency.

74. ARGYLE Haus

This is one of the clothing manufacturers in the USA working with start-ups, mid-size companies, national brands, and even
established fashion designers. The company’s minimum order quantities vary depending on the type of clothing you want to purchase. The California-based manufacturer promises its customers competitive prices and high-quality products.

75. TEG

TEG is among the clothing manufacturers in the USA focusing on detail, precision, quality. The company focuses on the production of high-end apparel. TEG offers both in-house studio-level production where they don’t have minimum order requirements and factory level production where they have an MOQ of 50 pieces per style. The company has quick turnarounds of approximately 4 to 8 weeks. Rush turnarounds of 1-4 weeks are available at an additional fee.

76. Stylus Apparel

Stylus Apparel has been offering its services since the year 2003. The contract garment manufacturer has the ability to produce a large number of garments on demand. Apart from cut and sew manufacturing, other services customers can access at Stylus Apparel include screen printing, garment embroidery, dye-sublimation printing, and woven labels. Discounts offered by Stylus Apparel increase as the number of pieces ordered by the customer increases.

77. Royal Apparel

Royal Apparel focuses on the production of high-quality products using sustainable, organic, and recycled fabrics. The company has been operating since the year 1992. The company already has more than 25 years of experience. The manufacturer produces a wide range of products. This makes it extremely easy for customers to find what they want. The company ships internationally. Hence, you can source your inventory from Royal Apparel irrespective of where you reside.

78. Nature USA

Nature USA already has more than 2 decades of experience in the clothing industry. The Southern California-based manufacturer started operating back in 1997. The company focuses on the production of eco-friendly clothes. The company’s turn-around time ranges between 10 and 14 weeks. However, for special projects, the company can deliver ordered products within a period of 3 to 4 weeks.

79. Alsico USA

This clothing manufacturer in the USA specializes in the production of reusable ESD, Cleanroom, and Flame-Resistant apparel and clothing. The company guarantees its customers high-quality products. Its products are used in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, electronics assembly, etc. The company promises its customers quick shipping. They have a very low minimum order quantity. Customers are only needed to order a minimum of 12 pieces.

80. Indie Source

This clothing manufacturer in the USA promises to walk customers through the development process. This ensures that the
customers get exactly what they want. The company does not just work with entrepreneurs based in the United States. Indie Source does work with clients from other parts of the world. The company produces a wide range of products, including activewear, button-downs, dresses, basics, etc. The company’s standard lead time ranges between 4 to 6 weeks.

81. Nywholesalescarves.com

Since 2001, this platform has been supplying over 10000 fashion stores in the United States for both wholesalers and retailers. They have the latest fashionable and trendy scarves in their catalog to meet the fashion needs of their clients. You can make inquiries and orders on their platform and enjoy free delivery on ground orders using UPS delivery services. You are guaranteed 24 hours delivery on orders and the minimum order amount is $100 which is affordable if you are on a budget. The return policy is very flexible, and you will get your full refunds and long as you make the return within five days of receiving the order.

82. Wholesaleaccessorymarket.com

For your quality wholesale scarves in the USA, Wholesaleaccessorymarket.com is one of the top websites. Check out trendy and fashionable scarves available on this platform, ranging from $2 to $5. You enjoy free shipping when your order exceeds $300, with fast shipping with the services of FedEx and USPS. Your orders will get to you within 1 to 5 days when making use of ground delivery depending on the destination. For you to get your order that same day, you have to make use of the FedEx standard for overnight delivery. You can get your refund within 4 to 5 days when you return your orders within 14 days of delivery.

83. Fashionscarvesusa.com

Enjoy huge discounts when you shop on this platform for your wholesale scarves in the USA. The more you spend on this platform, the more discounts you get, and they have a minimum order of $100 for all their clients. Free shipping is only available in the United States as you enjoy fast delivery services. Their return policy is not as flexible as some other platforms in the United States. You will have to pay for shipping when you return an order within 14 days of delivery. That aside, special offers like clearance sales, monthly specials, and others will not attract returns after delivery.

84. Acess.co.uk

Acess is a top scarf wholesale supplier in the UK where you can find quality women’s fashion products. They have a massive
warehouse in Birmingham which opens from 8.00 am to 8.30 pm on Sundays to Friday, with large stocks of products to cater to the needs of their clients. You get free shipping in the United Kingdom when your orders exceed 150 pounds. They have quality services including drop shipping for your wholesale scarves business. Fast and responsive customer services and you can reach them easily through open channels such as live chats.

85. Eapollowholesale.co.uk

Eapollow Wholesale is specialized in wholesale scarves in the UK, for your cotton scarves, chiffon scarves, evening scarves, foil scarves, and satin stripe scarves. This is a great platform for your wholesale scarves business with a minimum order pegged at 75 pounds plus VAT. The company, established in 1996, has grown and specialized in a wide range of fashion accessories. They offer a flexible return policy as you can return your orders within seven days of delivery and get a full refund or exchange of products. As a customer, you will have to pay for customs charges and other clearance charges that may occur when delivering your product. You can check out these charges on the website.

86. The LA Showroom

The LA Showroom is the perfect clothing destination when in Los Angeles, gathering together top men’s wholesale clothing
manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers from the USA. Since its inception, the online fashion marketplace has consistently crafted its unique expertise to offer an exceptional range of men’s tops, bottoms, and accessories to achieve the much-coveted stylish outlook.

87. Volume Apparel

The Volume Apparel is an apparel company engaged in the retail and wholesale business, especially widely known for its unrivaled dedication to producing high-quality attire. They have nearly 30 years as a wholesale clothing supplier, providing hundreds and thousands of men’s clothing on their online store. You can wholesale in packets of 12 or wholesale by the pallet. Besides, you can also contact them to customize your order. The free shipping is over $300. As a fashion-oriented man, the USA division matches your precise needs and brings you up to speed with the latest brands taking the fashion industry by storm.

88. Seven Wholesale

Seven Wholesale, as a leading streetwear clothes wholesale distributor, offers affordable and a unique blend of contemporary and chic fashion styles for men and women. When shopping for men’s wear tops at Seven Wholesale, you are spoilt for options ranging from striking t-shirts, jackets, bottoms, sports jerseys, and hoodies. The best feature is they have a big collection of clothing brands that you can view online. You can easily buy NBA Brooklyn Jersey in bulk at wholesale prices.

89. Steal Deal Inc

Steal Deal is a popular men’s wholesale clothing distributor, offers men’s hip hop, urban clothing, dress shirts, hoodies, and
accessories at a cheap price. They have the brand of Puma, Levi’s, Adidas, Elwood, and more. They also provide their trade shows information online. If you are in Las Vegas, you can visit their local trade show for further business.

90. Men’s USA

Men’s USA is one of the largest suit outlets, offers a pristine class for the modern gentleman. This iconic men’s wholesale clothing manufacturer stocks an assortment of tuxedos, shirts, accessories, and boots to cultivate ingenuity and quality. Tuxedos are offers based on the precise number of buttons and the design incorporated. On the other hand, the shirts are uniquely designed to complement the specific blazer chosen to yield unmatched comfort and convenience.

91. Alanic

Alanic is one of the best workout clothes manufacturers in Los Angeles, California. Their online e-commerce platform is engaged in retail and wholesale in bulk. As a famous sports brand, you will never worry about the quality and service of their clothing. On the website, you can find a collection of men’s wear, such as short sleeve t-shirts, tank tops, outwear, men’s shirts, pants, and more. They also support custom orders.

92. Male Basics

If you are wholesaling men’s underwear in bulk, Male Basics is a perfect option as one of the popular men’s wholesale clothing distributors in the USA. They were founded in 2002 and has now become a complete line of men’s swimwear, sportswear, and intimate apparel. They ship worldwide with free shipping; if you are in the USA, the free shipping order is over $50.


Rosegal has been offering its services since the year 2011. The company offers a wide range of plus size clothing. The plus size clothes available on Rosegal include tops, dresses, outerwear, swimwear, bottoms, intimates, and others. Below, we have the reasons why buying plus size clothing from Rosegal is a good idea.

94. Sammy Dress

Sammy Dress was established back in 2011. The wholesale plus size clothing supplier has plus clothes suitable for use by both men and women. Buyers get a chance to choose the plus clothes to purchase from a wide range of sub-categories. We have outlined the main reasons why buying from Sammy Dress is a good idea below.

95. Dear-Lover

Dear-Lover has been around since the year 2006. The company allows customers interested in plus size clothes to choose what they prefer from a variety of sub-categories. The sub-categories include tops, swimwear, dresses, lingerie, corsets, and costumes. Buyers can further narrow down their search using the color and decoration options. Below, we have the main reasons why purchasing plus size clothes from Dear-Lover might be a good idea.

96. Wholesale7

For the past 14 years, Wholesale7 has been helping entrepreneurs get affordable plus size clothing from China. The company was established back in 2005. Wholesale7 stocks a wide range of plus size clothing. Below are the main reasons why purchasing plus size clothing from Wholesale7 might be a great idea.


SHEIN has been online since the year 2009. The company has been offering its customers a wide range of plus size clothes at very affordable prices. Plus size clothes for both men and women are available on SHEIN. Below, we have outlined the main advantages of using SHEIN.


ZAFUL started operating back in 2013. The wholesale plus size clothing supplier has a wide range of plus size clothes. Buyers can get almost every plus size clothing they need on ZAFUL. Below, we have the benefits of using ZAFUL to shop for plus size clothes.

99. KDK London

KDK London is a quality ladies clothing wholesale supplier, manufacturer, and distributor, specializing in different stylish dresses. They are the official supplier of the Closet brand and supply customers in Europe, the UK, Asia, and Africa. They supply wholesale strapless dresses, maxi dresses, casual dresses, plus-size women’s dresses, etc.

100. Kole Imports

For over 30 years, Kole Imports has been one of the nation’s largest direct importers of general merchandise supplying products at wholesale prices to a broad range of customers including store front’s non-profit organizations or any customer looking to purchase in bulk formats. Kole Imports offers thousands of products in hundreds of different categories such as pet supplies, automotive supplies, toys, and more, guarantee that you will find the product you need at wholesale prices.
Kole Imports not only imports products but we actively seek and purchase closeouts domestically to provide our customers with dynamic product offerings that change daily, so you will want to check back often.

This is the end of the list, we hope to update it soon again, with new wholesale dropshipping suppliers. If you’re interested in more, try our choice of 11 Best Clothing Dropshipping Suppliers In the USA & Europe. Stay tuned, and if you liked it, please spread the love with fellow dropshippers!

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